Full Day Tour Ancient Corinth

Ancient corinth 1

We start our full day tour to Ancient Corinth driving along the western seaside highway. We see the historical battlefield of Salamis island to our left. We pass by rugged mountains with tunnels through them and scenic seaside villages.

We arrive to the awesome deep canal of Corinth. Short stop. Man made shortly before the 1896 Olympics joins the Aegean with the Ionian Sea and saves 400 nautical miles of travel.

We continue to Ancient Corinth and see the 600 bc monolithic Temple of Apollo, Temple of Octavio the Royal and Hot Springs, the Bema mount where Apostle Paul preached and visit the museum with many Roman artifacts. Near the Site we visit the church of St. Paul with its unique mosaic wall! It is the place where Apostle Paul wrote "the letters to the Corinthians". If you like mountaintop fortresses the Acrocorinth one will impress you! Hundreds of years old has seen battles between Byzantines, Venetians and Ottomans. On the top there are ruins of the "sacred" sanctuary of Goddess Aphrodite.

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