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Delphi tour

Its origins go back in prehistoric times and the worship of Gaia. The site was a new post-Mycenaean settlement during the 9th century BC.

The myth says that god Apollo went to Delphi from Crete, riding a dolphin. At the port of Itea, at the foot of mount Parnassos, Apollo discovered the psychic girls in a cave guarded by a python. Python was slayed by Apollo and thrown into an earth opening.

From the day the Python was dead, the psychic girls would live in the oracle that was built, until the next pythia would be chosen. Pythia was the sybil of the oracle. She was chosen from Delphi's eldest women of blameless life. She sat on a tripod over a fissure in the earth chewing laurel leaves inhaling the fumes of Python's decomposing body . Pythia was entering a violent trance allowing Apollo to posses her spirit and talk through her. While in trance her raving was translated by the priests of the temple. People consulted the oracle for everything, from important to very personal matters. The oracle could not be consulted in winter because that was the time when Apollo was living among the Hyperboreans. Dionysus would live in the temple while Apollo was away.

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