The beauty of Nafplion

Nafplion was the first capital of modern Greece from the beginning of the Greek revolution until 1834 AD. The Acropolis of Nafplion has been the stronghold of several civilizations in the past such as the Byzantines, Franks, Venetians and Turks.

Count Ioannis Kapodistrias set foot in Nafplion on 7 January 1828 and made it the official capital of Greece in 1829. He was assassinated on the steps of the church St. Spiridon in Nafplion on 9 October 1831 by two younger brothers called Mavromichalis, one of which was an imprisoned hero of war at the time. There was a period of anarchy after his death until the arrival of King Otto who established his new Kingdom in Greece. Nafplion remained the capital of Greece until king Otto decided to move the capital to Athens in 1834.

Naflion is a beautiful seaside city, with the old town making it an ideal place to visit and relax. The sea is clean and beautiful, the traditional food in the restaurants and the taverns tasty, and the night full of life.

Don't miss a chance to have a tour in Nafplion!

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